Monday, February 27, 2012


Choosing the right name for a blog isn’t easy.  You want something that encapsulates everything you intend to write about; something short, sharp and shiny; and a title that says something about you.  I tossed around a few ideas (and had one sleepless night) before settling on Shades of Grey.  I arrived at this decision because this blog is going to be about life.  About things to do and see, places to visit, books to read and a blank canvas for thoughts to be shared.

I also envisage this blog to be a conversation amongst friends.  That’s one of the beauties about blogging – it unites people if only for the two minutes it takes to read a post.  People can engage across the virtual divide and share ideas, opinions, reviews and things that make them tick.  Too often technology and the internet are blamed for weakening social interaction, giving us unreal expectations and perpetuating negativities.  But used in the right way, it can connect people from all walks of life, educate minds, breakdown stereotypes and introduce people to something new.  Being part of the conservation enriches people’s lives.
So I hope by reading this blog you will learn something.  Something about yourself, others or the world in which we cohabit.
Life isn’t black and white – it’s shades of grey and if you’re lucky enough every colour in between.

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