Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday inspiration

The problem about taking holidays is that by the time you unwind you find yourself heading back to the office.  This is exactly where I find myself today.  I'm just over the halfway point of my fortnight off and I'm still wide awake at 7am.  So instead of lulling about in bed this morning, wishing myself back to sleep, I thought I'd share a little bit of inspiration for your Tuesday...

Will you live or will you just exist?  This is a question I find myself coming back to often.  Life's too short for regret and missed opportunity so instead of wondering what if, take a risk.  Book that overseas trip, enrol in that course, ask that guy or girl for their number, go skydiving, change careers, be bold.  Or if you need to take baby steps at least shake up your coffee order today and go for the mochachino instead of a latte.  Happy Tuesday x

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