Wednesday, March 7, 2012

fringe review - the lovebirds

As the first exquisite note is echoed, the audience’s attention is drawn to a large bird cage suspended from the top of the Spiegeltent. Glitter falls from the sky as a melancholy song is sung. The cage, swinging precariously above the crowd, gradually lowers towards the ground. A bird-like creature, with a fan of peacock feathers adorning her head, slides from the cage and makes for the stage.  It’s a subdued opening for the flamboyant, new breed of cabaret.  But before long three other bird-esque creatures join their kindred companion and the stage erupts into a whirl of feathers and sequins.  And so begins the story of The LoveBirds.

The audience plunges headfirst into a world of love, lust and sex as the LoveBirds emerge from the shadows of the mediocrity and mundaneness of contemporary life.  Deemed too joyous and delightful they were condemned to a caged life, cloaked in darkness.  These illusive characters emerge from their underworld as night falls on The Garden of Unearthly Delights to share their provocative and touching tales of wandering souls pining for love and affection.  Their songs express their reawakening, lustful urges and endless search for love. The LoveBirds’ affections are not restricted to the stage and unsuspecting audience members soon find themselves amidst the plumage. This is not a show for the prudish.

The costumes are superb, the songs are punchy and the interpretation is refreshing.  You cannot help but relate to the rare and illusive creatures’ heart-warming tales of longing, loss, jealously and elation. They are mesmerising and for 60 minutes the outside world seems a foreign place as you become drunk off their allure.
Written and devised by award-winning singer, cabaret artist and dancer, Simone Page Jones, The LoveBirds pays homage to 1930s Bohemia and psychedelic, sexually ambiguous San Francisco.  Jones is joined on stage by Samantha Young, Akos Armont and Aaron Tsindos.  The LoveBirds are backed by a live band with an original score, lead by Matthew Carey.

The LoveBirds is on at the Fringe in the Idolize Spiegeltent until March 14.  To book tickets visit

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